Very appreciative

I am way late in getting back to this, but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for donating your wonderful company’s time and talent to help prepare a magnificent gift for our Detachment Sergeant Major, Sergeant Major Jason Green. Although I am embarrassingly late in getting back to you, I was very appreciative in learning about your unhesitating assistance in preparing our rock. The meaning behind that simple rock was deep and powerful for us as a detachment and Jason Green. It was a little idea we had that you spontaneously turned into a grand, permanent art piece and memory that Sergeant Major Green will treasure for the rest of his life. Marines are very proud of their service to our country and our way of life, but it is so uplifting and motivating when the local community shows such respect and appreciation for our people and our Corps. We spoke of you and your generosity when we presented the gift. Please accept as a small token of our gratitude this unit coin. I designed it as a bottle opener, but the final product came out a touch small, so it takes some effort to open a bottle, but I hope you will enjoy it.

I.S. Wallace