If you’re planning a kitchen remodel for a small space, then you may find it difficult to settle on a kitchen island. There a few factors to consider when deciding on a kitchen island design near Dutchess County, NY for your small kitchen.

It’s important not to discount the versatility of an undersized kitchen island. If you’re worried about squeezing a traditionally-sized island into your kitchen design, then begin looking at smaller options. Not only will these islands fit more naturally into your small kitchen, but they can also be a bit easier on your budget. If you have room for a larger island, but still lack in overall space, then consider a design that’s made specifically for the area you have to work with, such as an elongated rectangle or a compact, square shape.

While thinking about your options, be sure to keep in mind that a kitchen island can double as a storage area, which can be an essential element for small kitchens. Also, decide if you would benefit from a portable kitchen island, which can be moved to a different spot when needed.

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