No matter how you are designing your kitchen, there is always room for granite countertops. This beautiful material comes in many colors and styles, which will only raise the value and versatility your modern kitchen design near Dutchess County, NY. Continue reading for some tips that can help you decide on how to use granite for your new countertops.

Modern-Kitchen-DesignsTip: Choose Your Slab Before Everything Else

When you are redesigning your kitchen or updating it to a more modern style, you should look at your countertop materials first. The granite color is going to take up most of the space in the kitchen, and it will be one of the dominating features guests will look at. Work with your kitchen designer and granite installer on the right color for your countertops. Then, you can start figuring out what colors and styles you want for your cabinets and appliances.

Tip: Consider Granite Tile Versus Granite Slabs

You can still have all of the elegance of granite countertops without a full granite slab. Granite tiles are just as popular as granite slabs, though many people may not realize tiles are available. Depending on the style of your countertops, you may benefit from granite tiles, which can offer more customization than granite slabs. Remember the color of your grout, though. Grout color can complement or detract from your granite tiles, so consult your kitchen designer on the best color grout.

Tip: Prepare for Diversity in Your Granite

Granite is a natural stone, so each slab can look significantly different from the rest. Within each slab, there will be differences in color and veining. Since granite is such a diverse stone, many homeowners may be nervous to install it on their kitchen countertops. However, granite countertops can create an adventure in kitchen design for the original and nonconforming homeowner. Granite countertops are exceptionally beautiful and resilient, all while creating a unique look in any kitchen. Just remember to choose a granite design you absolutely love, because granite countertops will last for years, or even a lifetime!