Modern kitchen design values current design trends, chicness, and clean lines. Here are some tips for creating a functional and visually stunning modern kitchen. For more information, or to schedule a kitchen install, contact a kitchen design professional who offers professional kitchen remodeling services near Dutchess County, NY.

Kitchen-DesignPlan a Workable Kitchen Layout

When designing a modern kitchen, it’s important to choose a layout that works for you, whether it’s a one-wall design, a galley, or an L- or U-shape. Whichever layout you end up using, try to incorporate the “work triangle”—a well-known and accepted principle in kitchen design that was conceived to help cooks navigate a kitchen more efficiently, reducing the amount of steps they need to take when preparing meals. The three points of this work triangle are the cooktop or range, the refrigerator, and the sink; there should be clear and direct transition lines from one point of the triangle to the others.

Choose Countertops and Backsplashes for Looks and Practicality

Your kitchen countertops should serve two main purposes: visual appeal and practicality. Kitchen countertops take quite the beating day in and day out, so you want to go with countertops that are durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Countertops that are popular in modern design are: granite, marble, quartz, butcher block, stainless steel, solid surface, and concrete. Backsplashes are another important consideration. Be sure to choose a backsplash that matches or complements your countertops.

Update Cabinetry

Storage space is crucial in a modern kitchen, even minimalist spaces. When embarking on a kitchen remodel, you should want to save as much money as possible, which may mean reusing existing cabinets, if feasible. For example, by applying a new coat of paint, switching out cabinet doors and hardware, or removing cabinets doors altogether, traditional hardwood cabinets can be transformed to fit a modern design scheme. If current cabinets are not salvageable, replace all cabinetry for a sleeker set. Also, consider utilizing open shelving to store and display dishes, plates, and drinking vessels.