There are a few ways you can incorporate stainless steel into your kitchen design. Whether you want a few accent appliances, or you prefer a solid surface countertop in Dutchess County, NY, stainless steel can look beautiful no matter the theme or design of your kitchen.

Unless you are designing your kitchen with an industrial theme in mind, you should stick with just a few stainless steel pieces. If you have steel countertops and appliances, you risk your kitchen design coming off as cold. Instead, opt for some stainless steel accent pieces around the space to contrast the beauty of a stone countertop, such as granite or quartz. You may install an oven hood to match a steel oven or refrigerator. Many homeowners will also install stainless steel dishwashers to match both the oven and the refrigerator. Whatever your preference, consult your kitchen designer on the best ways to make your vision come true.