Even the most inexperienced cook probably has difficulty finding an acceptable countertop material in Dutchess County, NY. The countertops need to be spacious for cooking, but they must also be able to stand up the many stains and temperatures that typically accompany the art of cooking. Any cooking enthusiast—whether he is an amateur or professional—will find no better countertop material than granite.

countertopsGranite Will Resist Staining

Though granite is actually a porous stone, it is regularly sealed when used for kitchen countertops. This sealant is what keeps granite countertops from staining and chipping. This is perfect for those who love to cook and bake because they do not have to worry about potential food or drink stains. Granite can even resist oil and coffee staining. As long as you clean spills quickly and keep the stone maintained—which is not a difficult task—then you do not need to worry about stains messing up your kitchen countertops.

Granite Is Easily Cleaned

If you use a granite sealer about once a year, then you should not have a problem with any stains or granite maintenance. In addition to this annual sealant, you should wipe down your countertops every day with mild soap and water. Whenever a spill occurs, it is best to wipe it down as soon as possible. If you have any other concerns, speak with your granite installer on the best ways to maintain your granite countertops.

Granite Can Handle Extreme Temperatures

Unlike many other countertop materials, granite can easily handle extreme hot and cold temperatures. This means that the granite will not emit harmful gases or burn when you set a hot pan on it. This ability to accommodate extreme temperatures makes granite the perfect countertop material for cooking enthusiasts as well as professionals. Cooks do not have to worry about ruining countertops when setting a hot or cold plate out on granite. As an added bonus, granite is highly scratch resistant, so it will not sustain lines and dings that take away from its natural beauty.