Are you thinking of updating your kitchen design with a kitchen island in Dutchess County, NY? A kitchen island can give you more countertop space to work within your kitchen. It can also provide additional storage space for your kitchen utensils or dry goods. Read on for some tips on planning a kitchen island for your upcoming kitchen renovation.

Kitchen-Island-DesignDetermine the Purpose of Your Island

It’s important to determine what your island will be used for before you get too invested in its design. A simple island with a large, uninterrupted surface and a durable countertop is typically used for meal preparation. Some islands intended for preparation also contain a sink or dishwasher. More intricate islands contain cooking surfaces or appliances. If you intend to use your island for cooking, remember to consider how you will ventilate the area. Finally, islands can also be used for entertaining guests during meal preparation. If entertaining will be your island’s main purpose, make sure you have ample space to work with. You might consider installing a bar-like area with bar stools or chairs for seating.

Think About Shape

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to designing the shape of your new kitchen island. Think about the flow of your kitchen and the patterns of movement you will make between areas such as the kitchen sink, stovetop, and refrigerator. While rectangular islands are the most popular choice, you can also consider a round island that allows easy access to all your kitchen amenities. L-shape and T-shape islands also work well in some kitchens.

Don’t Forget Lightning

Lighting is essential for your kitchen work area, so be sure to consider your lighting options when designing your kitchen island. Pendant lights installed above islands are popular because they allow for a concentrated stream of light on your work area. However, recessed and ceiling-mounted lights are also fine options.