It is a great opportunity when you get to design your brand new kitchen. From the start, you can decide which appliances and features are most important to you. You can pick out your favorite colors or themes; the kitchen design ideas are endless. If you are looking for some specific design inspiration, continue reading to get some fresh thoughts on your kitchen design in Dutchess County, NY.

Kitchen-DesignGive It Some Color

Everyone loves a little bit of color in their lives, so why not add some into your kitchen design? You can be bold and paint your cabinets red or green with matching granite countertops. Or you can keep your countertops and cabinets more of a neutral tone, and make your appliances pop out in bright colors. The color options are almost limitless when it comes to your kitchen design. However, when you decide to install color in your kitchen—especially on a semi-permanent fixture like countertops—be sure that it is the color you want and that it will not clash with your surrounding paint and designs.

Keep It Black and White

A black and white kitchen is always a classic choice that is still perfect for the modern era. With black and white features, your kitchen will look and feel sleek every time you enter. You may also consider installing chrome-colored features in place of the white. Black and chrome make for a perfectly modern and minimalistic-looking kitchen that will please everyone. With this design scheme, any colorful features you do add are sure to pop.

Try Out a Theme

Instead of picking out a color scheme, try looking for a particular theme you can model your kitchen design after. Often, homeowners choose a rustic country theme, decking their kitchen out in green and tan with light wooden cabinets. If the ocean is your haven, decorate your kitchen in blues with seashells and sand-colored cabinets. No matter your design preference, there are many options to help you create the most beautiful kitchen you cannot wait to cook in.