There are several ways to create a unique kitchen design. Colors schemes, decorative accents, and other design elements are simple ways to leave your personal stamp on your modern kitchen design near Dutchess County, NY. Countertop design is particularly important, because your new countertops will likely be in place for years to come. In addition to using your favorite granite color, your granite countertops can be fabricated with one of several edged profiles. Read on for a breakdown of popular countertop profiles for your unique kitchen design.

  • Bevel is a common countertop profile, especially if you desire a simplistic look. The bevel edge cuts off the top corner of a countertop.
  • Half bullnose and bullnose are severely rounded edges. This design can complement any type of kitchen design.
  • Ogee is a concave cutout of the countertop edge that smoothly transitions to a bullnose or rounded edge.
  • Triple waterfall edges are for elegant kitchen designs. These are separately rounded sections that connect from the top to the bottom of the countertop edge.

beveled - edges