When it is time to pick out new countertops, you may have a few questions to ask your kitchen designer, such as which countertop material is right for you. Your trusted kitchen designer will also help you determine the right style, color, and customizations for your new countertops in Dutchess County, NY. Continue reading to see the answers to some questions about your kitchen countertops.countertop - installationWhat are the available countertop materials?

There are several types of countertop materials, and not all are created equal. The best countertops to last for decades against daily wear and tear are made from natural stone. Granite and marble are natural countertop materials that are strong and stain-resistant, which is necessary in the kitchen. Another strong countertop option—which is manmade from natural quartz—is engineered quartz. This material does not require any maintenance, and it will last as long as natural stone countertops.

Can I customize kitchen countertops?

Yes, countertops can be customized to fit your kitchen’s specifications and your personal preferences. Kitchen remodelers will measure your countertops, sinks, and other built-in appliances. After you have selected the marble or granite slab, the remodelers will cut, shape, and sand the stone to fit your countertops. If you wish for more customization, such as color, then engineered quartz may be the better choice. Due to its engineered quality, countertop manufacturers can add pigment to the crushed quartz to match whichever color you choose.

How long is the installation process?

The entire process of picking out new countertops can take several weeks. Your kitchen designer will help you choose the best slab of granite, marble, or quartz. After you have selected the stone, installers will measure your countertops. You will choose where each piece of the countertop should be used in your kitchen design. The installers will schedule an appointment. The installation process will take about one to two days. This is due to the drying countertop glue that cannot contact your sinks and faucets.