Is your home’s kitchen looking outdated or worn out? If so, a kitchen makeover in Dutchess County, NY can help you to revitalize your kitchen design. One of the most important aspects of planning a kitchen renovation project is selecting the right types of lighting. Continue reading to learn about the different options you have for lighting your new - lightingRecessed Lighting

Adding recessed lighting to your kitchen is a great way to both brighten and modernize the space. Recessed lighting fits seamlessly into many different kitchen design styles, and can be used to illuminate all areas of your kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

Task lighting can be extremely useful in any kitchen. One of the best options is under-cabinet lighting. With this type of lighting, you can illuminate your countertops, stovetop, and kitchen sink to make food preparation easier. This option can also be used to show off your beautiful kitchen countertops.

Over-Cabinet Lighting

One unique and impactful lighting option for modern kitchens is over-cabinet lighting. These lights are placed on the tops of kitchen cabinets, and pointed toward the ceiling and the walls of the room. If you have items that you want to display in your kitchen, placing them on the tops of your cabinets and highlighting them with over-cabinet lighting can help to show them off.

Toe-Kick Lighting

If you have children, elderly individuals, or vision-impaired people living in your home, you may want to consider adding toe-kick lighting to your kitchen. These lights are placed at the bottom of cabinets, and can help to illuminate pathways through your kitchen. Toe-kick lighting is also ideal for showing off tile, hardwood, and other kitchen flooring options.

Ambient Lighting

You have a few different options when it comes to adding ambient lighting to your kitchen. Pendant lights can be installed so that they hang down over your kitchen island or sink area. Another popular option is ceiling fixtures, which lend personality to your kitchen while providing dispersed light throughout the room.