One of the greatest additions to any kitchen design are granite countertops in Dutchess County, NY. Unfortunately, there are a good deal of misconceptions around about granite countertops. Here are some of the common myths, and their factual counterparts, usually associated with granite:

Granite-CountertopsMyth: Granite Is Scratch- and Stain-Proof

Almost nothing in the world is completely scratch or stain-proof. Granite comes pretty close, but it too can easily collect stains and sustain scratches. Even with sealants on your granite, it can still absorb certain stains, especially if the stains are left too long. To better resist some of these damaging effects, make sure you are purchasing high-quality granite countertops. Some stones are marketed as granite, but they only have a small quantity of granite in them, or the slabs are very low-quality. Always do your research of the granite you are purchasing, and the company you are working with, to be sure you are getting a top-notch product.

Myth: Granite Is Heat Resistant

Unsealed granite is very resistant to heat. You can easily put a hot pot on your countertops. However, most granite countertops have been sealed to keep the stone from absorbing stains and acids. The seal is the part of a granite countertop that is not heat resistant. When you put a hot pan, fresh from the stove or oven, onto a sealant, it is very likely to crack. This flaw can lead to further degradation within the granite. To be on the safe side, always use some sort of trivet or heat-absorbing placemat for your hot pans.

Myth: Granite Should Be Sealed Regularly

It is true that your granite should be sealed. This sealant keeps it from collecting stains and scratches. However, different stones need to be sealed at different times. Depending on the type or color of granite you have purchased, you may not have to seal the stone many times at all. However, other stones need a sealant regularly. Consult your kitchen designer on the best types of granite and sealants to suit your needs and lifestyle.