Granite is an incredibly durable and low-maintenance natural stone, making it perfect for kitchen uses. Cleaning granite couldn’t be any easier, as granite slabs and square tires only require periodic scrubbing with warm water and mild detergent. More stubborn stains can be treated with vinegar or ammonia. After wiping down with a clean, damp rag, completely wipe dry with a towel or paper napkins to completely dry the granite. Watch this video to see how easy it is to keep granite and granite tiles clean.

If you don’t have granite tiles but are attracted to the idea, visit a kitchen design showroom near Westchester County and start planning your kitchen remodeling project. Even if new granite tiles are the extent of your upgrades, a kitchen design professional can help turn your vision into a reality and give you expert information on all your tile options. And if you decide to take your renovation further, a kitchen design professional can walk you through all the steps of planning a full kitchen remodel.