While granite countertops have always been an elegant choice for residential kitchens and bathrooms, many homeowners are now choosing to use alternative materials, such as quartz. When you are getting ready for a kitchen renovation near Dutchess County, you may want to consider installing quartz countertops in your space. These innovative kitchen countertops are eco-friendly, extremely durable, and available in a wide range of colors and styles. To highlight the benefits that quartz will bring to your home, here are some fast facts about these types of countertops.

countertop - swatchesFact: Quartz countertops are environmentally friendly

When you choose to install quartz countertops in your home, only a fraction of your actual countertop material will be made out of raw quartz. In order to create quartz countertops, manufacturers blend quartz with other materials, such as ceramic and silica. These other materials are obtained as byproducts from industrial processes. Since quartz countertops repurpose materials that would otherwise be discarded in a landfill, they can be considered very environmentally friendly.

Fact: Quartz countertops have been around for more than fifty years.

While quartz countertops may seem like they are a relatively modern innovation, they have actually been around for the better half of a century. In 1963, an Italian company called Breton invented a product that they named Bretonstone. Today, all the quartz countertops that are manufactured and sold use original Bretonstone processes. Over the decades, however, quartz countertops have been refined and improved to provide homeowner with the best durability and style.

Fact: Quartz countertops are extremely wear resistant.

If you are seeking a countertop material that is ready to stand up to the test of your busy lifestyle, quartz may be just the answer that you have been searching for. Unlike natural stone products, such as granite, quartz is naturally protected against scratches, stains, and other types of damage. After your new countertop installation is finished, you will not have to worry about sealing or polishing your new counters.