1. Designing the Perfect Kitchen Island for Your Family

    An island is an essential feature to consider including in your new kitchen remodel. As you are browsing kitchen plans in Dutchess County, be sure to take a look at some of the island designs that are available for your space. With services from a kitchen remodeling team, you will be able to build a…Read More

  2. How to Plan a Kitchen Layout with Your New Cabinets

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  3. Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets: Tips That Really Work

    A kitchen remodel will allow you to create a functional and stylish space that has been tailored to your cooking style. However, your custom kitchen cabinets will be of little use if they are not organized correctly. A kitchen design company that offers kitchen renovation near Dutchess County will b…Read More

  4. Spotlight on Subway Tile Backsplashes

    During a kitchen remodeling project, there are several facets of the kitchen to consider. In addition to countertops and flooring, homeowners must consider their kitchen walls. The backsplash of a modern kitchen design near Dutchess County, NY is just as important as the countertops, flooring, and …Read More

  5. Mistakes to Avoid with Your New Kitchen Design

    Taking on a kitchen remodel is an exciting time in your life. However, you do not want your new kitchen design in Newburgh or any of the surrounding areas to be marred by easily avoidable mistakes. Omitting countertop space and purchasing subpar appliances are some of the most common mistakes you mi…Read More

  6. Choosing a Size for Your Kitchen Island

    When it comes to planning a kitchen remodel, incorporating enough counter space is crucial. For this reason, many people choose to add an island into their kitchen design. Watch this video for tips on choosing a size for your kitchen island design near Dutchess County, NY. Today, many people want k…Read More

  7. Should You Choose an Open or Closed Layout for Your Kitchen Design?

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  8. Comparing Slab and Flat-Panel Cabinets

    Shopping for new kitchen cabinets is one of the most important steps of the kitchen remodel process. With the right kitchen cabinet style, you can ensure that your overall kitchen design flows beautifully. A company offering kitchen renovation near Dutchess County can provide you with a tour of so…Read More

  9. Strategies for Giving Your Dated Kitchen a Modern Makeover

    Your kitchen is a central gathering space for your daily activities and special get-togethers at home. If you have been exploring today’s kitchen design trends, you may have noticed that your older kitchen has begun to look dated and out of style. A company that offers kitchen remodelingnear Dutc…Read More