1. Exploring Some of Today’s Trendy Features for Luxury Kitchens

    Much like clothing style, kitchen design trends tend to go in and out of fashion over the years. When you are planning your next kitchen remodel, seek out design features that are both timeless and trendy. A team that offers modern kitchen design in Dutchess County will be able to help you choose t…Read More

  2. The Advantages of Choosing Granite for Your Kitchen Design

    Your new countertops in your Dutchess County, NY kitchen deserve the best, and the best comes from granite. Granite countertops come with several benefits, such as few maintenance requirements and scratch resistance. You can also take advantage of a wide range of colors to complement your kitchen …Read More

  3. How to Plan a Kitchen Layout with Your New Cabinets

    If you have just bought new kitchen cabinets, then it is time to update your kitchen design in your Dutchess County, NY home. Planning a new kitchen design will include picking out new appliances, new countertops, and an attractive color scheme to complement your new cabinets. Let’s take a closer…Read More

  4. A Look at the Kitchen Cabinet Installation Process

    If you are seeking a simple and sophisticated way to update your kitchen design, then you may want to think about upgrading your kitchen cabinets. With brand new kitchen cabinets, you can provide your space with a fresh new look, without the need to perform a full renovation. A company that offers k…Read More

  5. Surprising Finishing Touches for Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

    When you remodel your kitchen, you will want your new kitchen design to reflect your unique personal style. Rather than settling for countertops and kitchen cabinets that look like they are straight from the showroom, you might want to include some fun and unexpected elements in your kitchen remode…Read More

  6. The Foodie’s Guide to Kitchen Design

    Whether you are a professional chef, or you simply love to whip up exquisite meals for your family and friends, it is important to make sure that your kitchen design allows you to prepare all of your favorite meals. As you are gathering kitchen design ideas for your kitchen renovation near Dutchess…Read More

  7. How to Keep Your Kitchen Spices Organized

    When you are reviewing kitchen design ideas for your remodel, you may come across some creative tips for organizing your kitchen spices. Over the years, many chefs collect an assortment of spices that range from the familiar to the exotic. If you are seeking a convenient place to store your cinnamon…Read More

  8. The Barefoot Contessa’s Kitchen Color Preferences

    A kitchen design can differ according to each homeowner, and an experienced kitchen designer can help each homeowner determine his or her personal style. According to the popular chef, the Barefoot Contessa, simplicity is the key to a comfortable and exceptional kitchen plan in Dutchess County, NY…Read More