A complete kitchen design in Hudson Valley includes a variety of different elements manifested in your countertops, cabinets, and vanity tops. You may decide that your kitchen should match the rest of your house and focus on a modern aesthetic, or you may instead decide that your kitchen will be a uniquely traditional style that highlights functionality. Your custom cabinets can play a large role in the way your design is implemented. Read on for a few tips for your custom cabinet design.

Cohesive Versus Unique
When it comes to designing your kitchen, remember that you are in total control; although certain trends, designs, and schemes tend to work better than others, there are truly no rules to abide by other than what you like best. If your home has a prevailing rustic theme, you may want darker kitchen cabinets to facilitate a cabin style appearance. On the other hand, maybe you want to feel Custom Cabinets in Hudson Valleylike you are entering a completely different home when you walk into your kitchen. If this is the case, consider departing from your rustic theme by installing sophisticated slab cabinets.

Modern Versus Traditional
Two oppositional schools of thought are modern and traditional; although they can have opposing characteristics, both are still popular design schemes. Which style works best for your home may vary depending on the space you are allotted. If you live in an apartment or a smaller home, a modern look may be best for your kitchen; this is another instance in which slab cabinets would be useful. On the other hand, larger homes and more open kitchens may set the stage for a traditional look that can benefit from beadboard cabinets. Flat- and raised-panel cabinets may be used in either modern or traditional designs.

Aesthetic Versus Functional
While you will not always be forced to choose between one or the other, consider the way your cabinets look as well as the way they function. Flashy cabinet hardware may look nice, but only if it does not impede the functioning of your cabinets by making them difficult to open or uncomfortable to use.