Did you recently install new cabinets as part of your kitchen renovation near Dutchess County, NY? If so, then use the following tips to help keep your kitchen cabinets organized:kitchen - cabinetsUse Containers

If you store grains, spices, cereals, and cooking ingredients within your cupboards, then they are likely taking up more space than necessary and look disorganized due to the varying sizes and looks of the boxes and bags in which they come. To get more out of your kitchen design and to streamline your pantry items, transfer ingredients like these into stackable, labeled containers. This storage method can help you keep your cupboards organized and your make ingredients easier to find.

Add Bins

As for all the items that are too small to migrate into labeled containers, consider putting a few small bins into your cupboards where you can place little containers that do not stack easily or have a home of their own.

Hang Utensils

If you’re like most people, then you keep your measuring spoons and serving utensils in your pull-out drawers. While this option can be convenient, the items can quickly become disorganized and take up a significant amount of your drawer space. To get the most use out of your kitchen cabinets and to help keep everything organized, consider installing hooks on the inside of the doors. Doing this can provide you with more space while making your different utensils easier to locate.

Stack Shelves

Making poor use of space is a common reason why families end up with disorganized cabinets. Look within a few of your cupboards and, if you see a lot of space left above your cups and dishes, then you should consider taking advantage of this available headroom. Using stackable shelves that fit inside of your cabinets, you can stack your dishware higher while at the same time making it easier to access your dishes and freeing up space for other items. Employing shelves in this way is an excellent method for getting the most out of your kitchen design.