There are several different kinds of kitchen cabinets available in Dutchess County, NY. From classic to modern, each kitchen cabinet brand offers something new and beautiful to install in your kitchen. Whether you want bright colors, glass, wood, or something in between, you will have a variety of choices to look at when planning your kitchen design.

To create a modern kitchen design with your cabinets, consider the style and color of the cabinets. Modern designs usually consist of sleek lines and a minimal amount of designs on the cabinets. Dark colors like maple or mahogany, paired with a light-colored granite countertop, will keep your kitchen looking clean and simple. You may also consider installing grey, or chrome-colored, cabinets paired with a black countertop. Try installing these cabinets with a window or cutout feature to showcase your dishes and glassware. Also, do not forget the handles on your cabinets and drawers. Modern kitchen design usually employs straight-edged, minimalistic, and chrome-colored handles on kitchen cabinets.