Matching your kitchen cabinets with your countertops is something that you’re going to want to do during the course of a kitchen remodeling project. It will result in a space that will wow your guests when they set foot in it. However, you need to consider matching more than just the colors of your cabinets and countertops in Westchester County, NY. Here are some other factors for you to consider during your remodel.

Your Lifestyle
Do you have kids who will need to get into your kitchen cabinets often? Or are you a shorter person who lives alone

Kitchen Remodeling in Westchester County

and struggles to reach things on top shelves? You should consider things like this before you pick out your next cabinets and countertops. Choosing custom cabinets that provide plenty of low drawers might be the best option for you. You should also consider how much maintenance you’re willing to do to your countertops before you buy them.

Your Home’s Style
If you have a modern home, then you are going to want to choose kitchen cabinets and countertops that match that style. If you don’t do it, your kitchen will likely look out of place and, because you spend so much time in it, you will notice it every single time you walk into it. You should also look to match similar cabinet and countertop styles. For example, granite countertops go best with darker cabinetry while recycled glass countertops would work well with bamboo cabinets.

Your Budget
The amount of money that you are willing to spend on kitchen cabinets and countertops should play a big role in which ones you choose. You should not sacrifice the cost of one to purchase the other. This means that, if you opt to buy an expensive granite or quartz countertop, you need to make sure you’re willing to order top of the line custom cabinets as well. If you fail to do this, your kitchen will appear to be mismatched, and you will not get the look you were going for.