The kitchen is a household focal point, and much of its impact comes from the cabinets. For this reason, designing a room and choosing cabinetry that are both functional and beautiful is important when planning your kitchen renovation near Dutchess County, NY. Continue reading to learn about some of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen cabinets.Kitchen - CabinetsWhite Color

Today, shades of white continue to be the most popular color choices for kitchen remodels, particularly for the cabinetry. White can complement a classic, traditional, or rustic kitchen design, and at the same time prove to be perfect for a room with a modern, sleek, or minimalist theme. Choosing cream, white, or off-white for your kitchen cabinets is not a decision that you’re likely to regret in a few years.

Extra Efficiency

One of the most common complaints among homeowners is an inability to access much of their lower cabinetry or keep the contents of these cabinets organized. To help maximize the benefits of your kitchen remodel, focus on creating optimal functionality and getting the most of out your storage space. To do this, many people choose kitchen cabinets that have pull-out drawers and trays as well as slim cabinets designed to hold baking pans and cutting boards.

Glass Fronts

More and more, kitchen cabinets that feature glass doors are becoming a popular choice for remodels. These cabinets break up the wall-to-wall cabinetry that can be overwhelming in some spaces and can also make a kitchen appear bigger. Additionally, glass-front cabinets give you the chance to show off your dish sets and to add a pop of color by choosing different hues for the cabinets and their interiors.

Customized Drawers

Traditionally, people add trays and organizers to their kitchen drawers to keep their utensils separated and organized. However, this method can be unattractive and ill-fitting. If you’re looking for better and more elegant ways to keep the contents of your drawers in order, then consider choosing kitchen cabinets that feature inserts for cutlery, shelves for pots and pans, and holders designed for garbage and recycling bins.