Your countertops are the workhorses of your kitchen space. From preparing dishes to serving and eating meals, your countertops will perform many different functions throughout your everyday life. As you are planning a kitchen renovation for your home near Dutchess County, you may want to research the many benefits of granite countertops. For the past several decades, granite countertops have been an overwhelmingly popular choice for kitchen renovations and new home constructions. After you have installed new granite countertops in your kitchen, you are sure to love the durability and elegance that granite has to offer you. Keep reading to explore the top three reasons why homeowners love granite countertops:granite - countertopsNatural Beauty

Granite countertops will provide your kitchen space with natural beauty and style. When you select granite slabs for your installation, you will be comparing materials that were mined directly from underneath the earth. Since granite is naturally formed, each piece of granite has unique patterns and color combinations. With a wide assortment of granite styles available, you can choose a granite countertop that complements your kitchen design perfectly.

Extreme Durability

The fantastic durability and strength of granite makes this material a top choice for countertops. Granite is an extremely hard stone that is naturally resistant to staining, chips, and other forms of wear. You can also set hot or cold objects directly on the surface of granite without running the risk of cracking or damaging your countertop surface. Once you have installed new granite countertops, you can confidently expect your countertops to last for many decades before they require replacement.

Simple Maintenance

During your busy day to day life, the last thing that you will want to worry about is your countertop maintenance. With new granite countertops, your kitchen space will be very easy to clean and maintain. In order to clean your granite, you can simply wipe your countertop surface down with a gentle cleaning solution. To help maintain their durability and shine, granite countertops also need to be resealed about once a year.