When you remodel your kitchen, you will want your new kitchen design to reflect your unique personal style. Rather than settling for countertops and kitchen cabinets that look like they are straight from the showroom, you might want to include some fun and unexpected elements in your kitchen remodel. A company that offers kitchen makeovers in Dutchess County will be able to work with you to create a custom kitchen space that matches your personal style. Let’s review some finishing touches that you might want to include in your upcoming kitchen remodel.specialized - cabinetry Specialized Cabinetry

As you are designing your custom kitchen cabinets, you may want to consider creating specialized cabinets that are designed to store specific kitchen items and accessories. For example, if you are tired of digging through your drawers to find your tin foil or wax paper, you may want to create a special kitchen cabinet that is designed to house these items. Other specialized cabinets can be crafted to store your pots and pans, utensils, and even your cookbooks.

Faucet Pedestals

Doing the dishes is an inevitable part of every mealtime. When you are doing your dishes in your new kitchen, you may enjoy a hands-free option for your kitchen sink. Today’s kitchen faucets can be equipped with hands-free pedestals, which are operated with the feet. By taking the function of your faucet down to the floor, these pedestals can make it easier to get the water running when your hands are full of dirty dishes.

Mobile Kitchen Islands

While your main kitchen island will be a permanent fixture in your kitchen, you may want to work with your kitchen design professional to create a mobile kitchen island for your space. Your mobile kitchen island can be stored underneath your countertop, so that it is tucked away when it is not being used. When you need additional counter space for your meal preparations, you can simply wheel out your smaller island and get to work.