Kitchen design trends in Dutchess County, NY can range from edgy bronzed appliances to colorful retro looks. These distinctive decorating trends are popular in homes, because of their ability to stand out and create interesting focal points. Here is a better look at some popular kitchen design ideas for the New Year:trendy - kitchenCombining Different Textures

Whether you choose a white-on-white, pastel, or subtle blue color scheme, look for different textures of the same colors. For example, a white-on-white kitchen design can have white granite countertops, white ceramic dishware, white kitchen towels, and birch wood cabinets. Using the same color with different textures can add depth to a kitchen’s color scheme and design.

Showcasing Inventive Bottles

Instead of locking liquor bottles or collectible bottles away, store them on open shelving as part of the kitchen décor. Many varieties of spirits, wine, and cooking oils come in inventive bottles and designs. Create interesting topics of conversation in the kitchen by showcasing these fun bottles once they’ve been emptied and cleaned.

Bronzing Kitchen Appliances

Bronze is becoming a sought-after design element in kitchen design and décor. Many homeowners are outfitting their kitchens with bronze appliances, such as an oven or range hood. Homeowners may also like the look of bronze or rose-gold bar chairs to complement white countertops over a black kitchen island. If you’re looking for simple pops of color, you can easily add bronze hardware to kitchen cabinets, drawers, and light fixtures.

Reviving Retro Decor

Many homeowners love the kitchen styles from decades past. Retro kitchen design can range from turn-of-the-century white to the ‘50s diner theme to the psychedelic ‘70s. There are many color schemes, appliances, and furniture pieces that can represent any of these retro designs. No matter the era, it is likely to make a comeback with the ever-stylish retro theme.