kitchen - cabinets

Shopping for new kitchen cabinets is one of the most important steps of the kitchen remodel process. With the right kitchen cabinet style, you can ensure that your overall kitchen design flows beautifully. A company offering kitchen renovation near Dutchess County can provide you with a tour of some of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles. Two types of cabinets that you may want to consider for your kitchen remodel include slab and flat-panel cabinets.

Slab cabinets are distinguished by their simple, flat construction. Due to the streamlined look of these cabinets, they are a good fit for kitchens that feature modern design cues. If you are seeking a more traditional cabinet style, you may want to look at flat-panel cabinets. These cabinets are smooth and flat in the center, with elevated borders that surround all four sides. The edges of flat-panel cabinets range from simple to ornate in design. Your kitchen renovation specialist can answer your questions about the different cabinets that are available to you.