kitchen - countertops

When determining the color of your future kitchen countertops near Dutchess County, NY, there are a few design elements that can help. Your kitchen designer can help you look at the various ways your countertops will complement your overall kitchen design. You can also consult a color wheel that will show you the different complementary colors that can be used alongside your new countertops. Let’s look at some ways to determine if you should have bright or neutral-colored countertops.

Neutral-colored countertops are best used if you want a simple or classic kitchen design. You can pair off-white or gray granite countertops with white walls and tiled flooring. You may also choose these same neutral colors if you are using bright-colored cabinets and appliances.

Bright-colored countertops can be used with white, black, or neutral-colored fixtures and appliances. Plan your kitchen design carefully if you are using bright granite countertops. Your countertops cannot be easily removed, so ensure that the color will coincide with your overall kitchen design ideas.