If you are seeking a simple and sophisticated way to update your kitchen design, you may want to think about upgrading your kitchen cabinets. With brand new kitchen cabinets, you can provide your space with a fresh new look, without the need to perform a full renovation. A company that offers kitchen design ideas and quartz countertops in Dutchess County can help you design and install the perfect new cabinets for your space. To help you prepare for your procedure, let’s review the most important steps of the kitchen cabinet installation process.kitchen - cabinetsOrdering the Cabinets

The first step of installing new cabinets is to order the right products for your kitchen. In order to make sure that your new cabinets achieve a perfect fit, you will need to make sure that the dimensions of your kitchen space have been measured accurately. Along with thinking about your kitchen’s dimensions, you will need to consider what types of cabinet materials will pair best with your interior design.

Leveling and Setting the Cabinets

Once your cabinets have been ordered or custom-fabricated, your installation team can start the main portion of the installation process. In order to ensure that your cabinets are hung correctly, your technicians will need to take precise measurements of your kitchen space. After your cabinets have been fit-tested and leveled out, they can be screwed directly into the wall. If necessary, your team may also cut out holes or spaces to allow for plumbing or electrical work to pass through the back of your cabinets.

Placing the Cabinet Faces

The final step of installing new cabinets in your kitchen is to put on the cabinet faces. The faces, or doors, of your cabinets will have a dramatic impact on their final appearance. Before the doors are nailed into place, they must be cut down so that they match the dimensions of the cabinetry perfectly. After your doors are hung, your technicians will place hardware and any other finishing touches on the exterior of your cabinets.