Kitchen remodeling near Dutchess County, NY features several popular kitchen designs from classic colors to modern minimalism. A kitchen design should feature the personalities of the homeowners, but there are some popular designs to choose from. Continue reading to see a small selection of today’s most popular kitchen designs.remodeled - kitchenClassic Black and White

A kitchen design with simple black and white features is still one of the most popular designs requested by homeowners. There are several ways these two design features can be utilized, such as white tiling, black countertops, and white cabinets. Using this design scheme also allows for easy personalization and the ability to add colored accents in the form of dishware or kitchen appliances.

Innovative Functionality

As technology grows, it is becoming more important to incorporate it into kitchen remodeling ideas. For example, automated faucets make dishwashing and other sink habits easier. Kitchen cabinetry has become updated with technology too; many cabinet designs do not use handles anymore, but homeowners can press a discreet button that opens the cabinets. Small kitchen designs also feature greater storage options within cabinets and drawers to maximize on space without sacrificing aesthetics.

Simple Minimalism

Another popular kitchen design is one where there is very little design. Minimalism is a growing trend among homeowners because it encourages less clutter, more functionality, and simple features. Kitchen designs can feature sleek and simple fixtures with uncluttered countertops and cabinets. Pair this design with light colors and clean lines and every minimalistic homeowner will have their dream kitchen.

Bold Colors and Fixtures

Many homeowners are looking for new kitchen designs that give their home a bold flair. This type of kitchen design is often achieved with various colors and fixtures. Bold kitchen colors often include red, blue, green, and purple, though homeowners can pair these colors with complementary accents in different hues. In addition to bold colors, large light fixtures, window curtains, and cabinet hardware are other ways to make a bold kitchen design.